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Dividend ReInvestment Plan (DRIP) Specifics:

Basic Company Info
Ticker: FIFG Website: www.1stindependence.com
Industry: State Commercial Banks Exchange:
HQ Location: KENTUCKY Recent Price: 13.54
Market Cap: 26.97M ReInvestment Agent: rtco.com
Enrollment Specifics
Plan Type: DRIP Minimum Shares: 1
This plan does NOT offer a Direct Purchase option.
Dividend Reinvestment Details
DivReinv Fee: DivReinv Commission: $1.00
Dividend Yield: 2.30% Partial DivReinv:
Optional Cash Purchases (OCP)
OCP Min: $50 OCP Max: ??
OCP Frequency: monthly EFT Available:
OCP Fee Check: OCP Fee EFT:

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